How to reduce Cellulite with Vibration Training .

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Whilst the BBC  program ‘ The Truth about looking good ‘has shown that manual dry brushing showed a 26% improvement in the appearance of cellulite we at POWRX have  very successfully trialled the use of Vibration Training as a very speedy way to reduce cellulite , especially on legs and buttocks.


Our trials have shown you will get 10 Times faster results with a vibration plate.

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Example :

( Powrx Home Pro 2.0 , fat distribution on left thigh and buttock. Vibration intensity 35Hz for 1 min)


Whilst manual dry brushing will help in the distribution of the fat that sits under your skin and gives you the ‘bubbly ‘ appearance, this can be very tiresome and time consuming  .

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( Fat distribution at inner left thigh,  vibration intensity 40 Hz for 1 min)

By increasing the vibration intensity you will speed up the fat distribution under your skin and therefore see the appearance of cellulite reduce at a much faster rate.

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In addition the physical pressure required to achieve fat distribution manually will not be a concern in vibration training as the vibration intensity combined with your body weight will make this treatment  literally effortless.

And lets not forget to mention the additional toning and circulatory benefits that you will achieve whilst ‘smoothing’ away the appearance of your cellulite.




`Wellness is an Inside-Out-Job`

Group Of Runners Jogging Through Park

One of my notorious quotes is ` Wellbeing is an Inside-Out-Job`.

Our physical, mental and social wellbeing work in synergy and can only be achieved if we work on all of these aspects of our wellbeing.

You will have experienced this before, a day when you simply do not feel good about yourself. You look in the mirror and you see a person that is out of shape. It gets you down; you are lacking any kind of motivation. You simply can’t snap out of it. You don’t want to see or talk to anyone. One of those `with a blanket on the sofa` days.

And then for some reason you find yourself tying up your running shoes, you step outside and hit the trail. After half an hour of power walking you return home, look in the mirror and are quite pleased with what you see. You are in shape, looking and feeling revitalized. You call your friend and arrange to meet for chat.

This is just a simple example of working the `inside` by working the `outside`.

Keep Smiling,
Monika Akabusi
Executive Director, PowrxUK

Have you heard of Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis is a 60 minute group exercise, which can take place indoors or outdoors in classes of 12-14 people. It doesn’t need to take place on a tennis court – it can be held on badminton courts or gym studios or in sports halls. Cardio Tennis consists of four parts – the warm up, aerobic section, tennis section and cool down.

With over 400,000 adults playing tennis once a week in England and 500,000 more who want to get involved in the sport, this could open a whole new opportunity to get our nation more active whilst participating in group exercises.
Watch this video about CardioTennis.

What Exactly is Over Hydration or Hyponatremia!?


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The flip side of dehydration is overhydration, or simply drinking too much water too quickly. People often ask me… is it possible to drink TOO much water?! Although water is one of the best things you can put into your body, the answer is, if an extreme amount is drank… then YES, there is such a thing as too much water. Keep reading to find out why.

When sodium is lost in sweat and water is ingested as a replacement, the sodium remaining in the blood can be diluted. Hyponatremia or low blood sodium, generally happens after drinking too much plain water (over a quart and a half per hour) over several hours. Slightly low levels of sodium are fairly common in marathon runners, and usually go unnoticed. However, the sodium level may become profoundly low in overhydration and cause problems throughout the body. Since fluid balance is intimately tied to sodium, hyponatremia can lead to damage of certain kinds of tissues in the body. Changes are most noticeable in the nervous system, where seizures, coma, and even death can result.

For those of you interested in learning more about this, here are a few articles that you may find useful.

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Written by Monika Akabusi

Nutrition In The Workplace


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POWRXUK’s Top 10 Tips

1. Never leave home without breakfast. It kick starts your body.

2. Avoid overdosing on tea and coffee, you will reduce the production of Cortisol, a well known stress hormone, that not only causes a rise in insulin levels but also makes you age faster.

3. Have a fruity snack between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinnertime. You will avoid energy lows and won’t overeat with your evening meal.

4. Choose a protein and slow release carbohydrates meal for lunch that will ensure a steady flow of insulin.

5. Don’t be tempted by `quick fixes` i.e. crisps, muffins, biscuits as all of those foods will head straight for your hips.

6. Drink plenty of water, ideally have a glass of water on your desk and make it your mission to drink 1 glass of water every hour. You will start looking and feeling better within days.

7. Avoid all artificial sweeteners; they have been linked to various types of cancer. Additionally they `trick` your brain and will long term lead to weight gain.

8. Listen to your body, food is our fuel. It enables us to walk, see, think and concentrate. Therefore we need to ensure a steady balanced supply of nutrients

9. Ensure a daily intake of Vitamin A, B, C, D and E, to boost your immune system especially if you work in an air conditioned office

10. Take time out to eat, enjoy mealtimes and know that you are doing yourself good.

Written by Monika Akabusi

Vibration Training for Golfers


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How Whole Body Vibration Training can help improve your game.

At this point some of you are probably thinking; “Now I have heard it all”!

Even though vibration training is becoming more commonly known and most of you have heard some rumblings about its apparent benefits, it is in all fairness not the easiest training concept to understand. And to think that a vibrating plate can improve your handicap might really be pushing your imagination.

How does vibration training actually work?

Vibration Training was originally developed for astronauts that had spent so much time in zero gravity that their neuromuscular system did not respond to gravity anymore. In other words their muscles did not know how to contract against any form of resistant. Scientists therefore developed a system to involuntarily stimulate these muscle groups and Vibration Training was born. Since then research has now shown that depending on the vibration frequency i.e. 30 Hz, meaning the plate vibrates 30 times per second, the muscle groups exposed to the vibration will respond to the chosen intensity . The vibration acts as a stimulant on the neuromuscular system. Unlike conventional physical exercises the benefits of performing an exercise on a vibration plate will literally be up to 10 times more effective depending on the vibration intensity (Hz), the time spent on it and the amplitude chosen. This means greater training effects over a set time and reduced training time. Additionally as vibration training constitutes an entirely new stimulant it is a great addition to any training concept leading to overall improvements of sports performance.

So how does this benefit a golfer?

To be able to hit the golf ball with the highest degree of accuracy , and not send the turf flying like some of us, it is absolutely paramount to adopt optimum stability or core stability as the sports experts will call it.

For those of you that are not overly familiar with human physiology you might want to consider the mid section of your body as your core. However , and this is where it becomes interesting, your core system does not only consist of your abdominals but also of a deep layer of your back muscles, your buttocks, hamstring and pelvic floor.

Your core is literally your control centre. Good core stability and core strength will lead to good lower and upper body strength and control, which is needed for optimum positioning and posture before and throughout your swing and follow through.

With targeted vibration training for those different muscle groups you will be able to improve overall stability for all your joints which will not only lead to greater balance and accuracy but also improved swing, drive and follow through.

Our “Top Tip” Vibration Exercise to Improve Your Handicap
Single leg lunge
1) Stand in front of the vibration plate, then place your right foot on top of the platform and bend the knee of the front leg until you reach a 90 degree angle at the knee.
2) Now gently lower the knee of the back leg towards the floor.
3) Engage your abdominals and hold this position for a minimum of 10 secs before returning to your start position.
4) Then repeat with the other leg.

Suggested settings for your vibration plate:
Timer settings: 60 secs, tb repeated twice
Hz Settings: 25 Hz Beginners, 30 Hz Advanced
Amplitude: Low
Vibration type: Vertical

Not only will Vibration Training improve your physical ability but it will give you the edge over some of your competitors. It will work wonders for your confidence.

Now go and get them!

Written By Monika Akabusi
Director, POWRXUK