About Us!

Welcome to our Powrx VIP site. If there is anything worth knowing about how to get and stay fit and healthy, how to achieve your best shape ever or simply how to reach optimum health then you will be able to find it right here.

We at Powrx are known to be a great supplier of all health and fitness equipment but we go the extra mile and help you all the way to achieve your personal health and fitness goals. Our responsibility does not stop once we have provided you with a product. We do far more for all our customers.

This blog is part of our ongoing customer support. We have a team of health and fitness expert who are constantly `scanning` for new information, trends, ideas and tips to make sure you hear about it first.

You will find new exciting exercises, healthy eating advice, the latest sportswear trends and whatever else comes onto our` Wellness Radar`!

“Once a POWRX customer Always a POWRX VIP”

All Powrx Customer have VIP Team status which enables you to contact us with any health or fitness related question and expect to receive an expert reply. All you need as proof of your Powrx VIP status is your name and product you purchased from us.

Please email us with your questions or suggestions to Contact@powrx.co.uk

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